Ceramic Braces

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This orthodontic treatment option is designed to be an alternative to traditional braces and uses a somewhat modified spin on the traditional braces formula. Unlike traditional braces that use high-grade steel for the brackets, ceramic braces use high-quality ceramic or plastic materials for their brackets that are made to look clear. Coupled with clear or white elastic ties, this form of braces is much less noticeable than its traditional braces counterpart, and has become a very popular option for adult patients seeking to have the straighter teeth of their dreams.

Although ceramic braces have some fantastic advantages – especially cosmetic advantages compared to traditional braces – there are some minor drawbacks that need to be kept in mind before choosing this orthodontic treatment option. Because ceramic braces are not made of stainless steel they are not quite as strong as their traditional braces counterparts, and can in result in ceramic braces being more brittle. This means the patients that choose this form of treatment will need to be extra careful to prevent potential issues that can result in the need for repairs. Our team will do their very best to instruct you in the care of this type of braces, so that you can help avoid issues and receive the straight teeth you desire effectively and safely.

Beautiful couple in the park.Ceramic braces – regardless of the potential for some minor drawbacks – are an outstanding and fantastic option for our patients seeking to straighten their teeth and beautify their smiles. Adult patients in particular have expressed their love for ceramic braces, because they help them straighten their teeth in a less noticeable way than traditional braces which makes it easier to maintain a more mature and professional appearance.

At Trapnell Orthodontics of Payson we are thrilled to be able to offer ceramic braces as an orthodontic treatment option to our patients. Our experienced team has the skill necessary to provide this treatment to those seeking ceramic braces and take pride in creating a safe and comfortable environment where this treatment can be offered in the most effective way.

Have questions about what ceramic braces can do for your smile, or do you have questions for us about any of our other services? Contact our team today!

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